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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

We always took turns with other parents taking our ODDs & their friends to movies throughout elementary & middle school. Boys & girls attended and a couple sets of parents always stayed. The kids thought they were dating...but that was just silly kid talk no different from playing house & pretending to get married.

I had my first boyfriend in preschool & thought I knew who I was going to marry in 3rd grade. Such behavior usually means nothing. We all had play dates at different houses. Some parents knew what little kids were calling eachother boyfriend & girlfriend & some did not. Sometimes your boyfriend didn't even know he was supposed to be your boyfriend LOL!

It was pretty common in my generation & I'm nearing 40. I'm sure someone could have gotten carried away & made it seem like slutty behavior between the kids & like our parents were bad permissive parents who didn't know how to put their foot down....but that would have been misrepresenting everything!!!
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