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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

DD1 just turned 9. She just got an iPod touch for Xmas. It is set up through dh's Apple account so any time she downloads an app, it pops up on his phone. She knows the rules, and in fact does more than we expect. She won't download anything without asking first and she has only wanted free games so far. She is allowed to text and has 2 friends she texts with. It isn't that often, a few times a week. She actually texts dh a lot more and that is totally fine with me. She knows that I check it and we have a very open communicative relationship.

As for dressing, there are no worries there. She loves pants and jeans and a shirt. She is a swimmer so for practice she has to wear a Speedo and she actually prefers one piece or tankini bathing suits. She doesn't even want a bikini, lol. Although, I have no worries if she does.

She knows about healthy eating and exercise for healthy bodies. We don't take about "being fat", but she know about overweight and obesity.....she can see it.

We are very open and honest with her and talk to her about many things. We teach her how to be a good person, respecting others, etc. We use every day experiences, shows, movies for learning experiences and talking points.

She hasn't reached the stage of being interested in boys more than friends so no worries about her going out on a date, lol. However, she has many friends that are boys and if she wants to do something with a boy then I have no problems with it. I'm surely not going to make a bigger deal out of something than there is.
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