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Re: Allergies suck

Originally Posted by mrseum View Post
Is she not able to breathe the scent in?? If she xan I would take bleach wipes & wipe her seat/surrounding area. You may even call- I know some baseball stadiums ect offer peanut free zones. Ds2 Is allergic to eggs, milk (worst), soy, peanuts, treenuts & shellfish. Even though he will break out in hives if he touches milk I do let him play at BK playplaces. He's only had 1 reaction. If I limited him out of concern he would never go anywhere. :/ I take both his Epi pens & benedryl & be as prepared as I can. I've only used benedryl for hives a few times.
Its not about breathing the scent. Its about inhaling the dust. Because they are in shell peanuts that will be cracked open (and according to Ringling Brother often thrown on the floor and sometimes thrown, they will not help) there will be dust everywhere. She is a mouth breather so she could end up with peanut particles in her mouth. She would not keep a mask in place. She is contact reactive. We don't know if she would react to inhaled (through nose rather than mouth) dust or not. She is a class 6 and its not something we will risk or experiment with. Our doc also recommends not exposing her to dust. Her one and only exposure and reaction is suspected from contact. Her dcp didn't know what happened but swears she wasn't fed anything that wasn't in the lunch we provided. Other children were eating peanut stuff. As far as we know she did not have oral symptoms (she was too young to verbalize), good thing because her doc said she probably wouldn't have made it with the level reaction she did have. Her whole face was swollen to the point that her features were not recognizable. Her eyes were swollen shut and the rest of face looked like a marshmallow. We have practiced strict avoidance since. We don't go places with peanuts so we don't have to worry about it. The only other exposure she has had has been through scratch testing (an new test to check for other allergies, 2 years after her 1st). She ended up with hives and a rash that lasted 2 weeks with benedryl.
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