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SOLVED! (Everything leaking at night!)

UPDATE ... Several nights now, what's working is 2GMD size small flats with the yellow stitching (the flats I mention below were from 2010 and smaller), and one of these nighttime doublers plus one of these large hemp doublers. I had to abandon my favorite fold below, and snappi it, in order to distribute some of the bulk around his hips, which also made him happier about the cover. It all goes under a Thirsties Duo size 2, pulled way up in the front so it curls back over the diaper, and then tuck his pajama shirt in - both prevent his pajama pant waistband from curling into the diaper. No leaks, and the diaper isn't completely saturated.

FWIW the "2010" GMD bleached flats weigh 60g and the newer unbleached small weighs 85g, so having two of the "New" smalls really added a lot of fabric.

It also fit under his jammies that were getting too small, so it didn't make the diaper butt that much bigger.

I'm still going to try some GAD hemp semi-fitteds, she's having a great sale.


Nothing like a sudden change in habits to make a veteran cloth user feel flummoxed...

I thought maybe it was just our worn out and smallish Flips, but even an up size to Thirsties Duo size 2 failed last night. With 2 flats and an overnight hemp doubler (all from GMD) no less.

I expect a lot of suggestions for fitteds, but I've been weighing those and find they have less fabric in them than then 2 flats alone. Also, using the flats (with the fold in my sig) keeps there from being any bulk at the hips. A beloved Dunk N Fluff fitted is being rejected because it's "ouchy" on his hips.

He also doesn't like the Thirsties cover, we fight getting him into a diaper lately, he doesn't like the feel.

I really can't spend a lot, and we don't use AIOs or microfiber if we can help it (I hate laundry drama).

He's 30 lbs, little waist bigger thighs.

Oh. And he also floods nighttime Huggies, though he prefers the way they feel.
No 2x4 Butt! A non-pad "Pad" fold to put flats in covers and pockets:

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