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Thank you all. I don't know if its intollerance or allergy. When an infant, she would spit up a lot and scream all the time, until I cut out all dairy. Around 6 months I added everything but milk. She would still spit up if I had milk.

Now, she randomly spits up or throws up 1 or 2 times after goats milk. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. She otherwise seems fine with it.

This morning her cheeks weren't red anymore, so I gave her two bottles of milk today to see if it would come back and it did. I really can't tell if her mood is related to what she drinks or something else.

I picked up some more goats milk today. I guess I'll stick with that for now. She has her well visit next week and I'll talk to her dr about it. I don't know if I could leave out milk altogether...I don't think she would eat enough food. She loves to eat, but is starting to get finicky with her meals.

This is all new and odd to me because there are no allergies in my or DH's family that I know of and DH, I and the other 2 kids are allergy- and intollerance-free.
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