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How much is your monthly grocery budget?

I'm pregnant with our second and I SAH with our toddler boy. We currently go through tons of snacks through out the day. Mostly fruit but on occasion a starch or sugar food. Anyhow, I'm finding it shocking at how much we actually spend on food a month. I don't even wanna post it, but here goes... We now spend $900 a month in groceries for a family of 3 + being pregnant. It used to be $600 a month at $150 a week and that's all allotted myself to spend. I'm not getting lots of leftovers, or freezer meals from this LARGE expense so I guess I'm asking for help on how to cut this expense!
Currently I only go to Sprouts for most non organic meats, fruits and veggies. Surprisingly they are cheaper than Trader Joe's or even Albertson's. I get pasta and frozen foods from TJ's and some dairy and bread items from Albertson's. We also shop bulk with Costco purchasing eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, shrimp, chicken rotisserie and small snacks like chips and yogurt dip.

I am really struggling with being creative with my meals even though I loosely follow a menu plan-
Mon- chicken
Tues- veggie

We don't go on dates much however we spend maybe $50+ a week in eating out/breakfast out which we definitely have lunch leftovers with.

Is it my pregnancy causing our ridiculous surge in our grocery bill?
I do have a great dehydrator that I try to use to save food.

I do have to make sure we have extra random foods for our 2.5 yo because he's a picky picky eater and all he wants are his staple 3 meals...Mac n cheese, cheese
quesadillas or pasta gnocchi.

Soo ENOUGH background...2 days a week I'm trying to do crockpot and one night of vegetarian and a night of leftovers but I find myself getting so bored and not wanting to put the effort in because these recipes all have random 1-2 ingredient I don't have or will not use there after.
We don't get coupons so I have to rely on weekly ads but I'm considering going the CSA route but even then I'm nervous because it will be veggies I don't use or have a palate for and I would just end up throwing it out and having to buy from the store anyway.

Help help help mommas and PLEASE don't judge...I'm reaching out!
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