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Re: SAHPs: How much do you play with your kids?

I send mine OUT to play a LOT (even the 2 year old). I entertain them as babies and infants and when they are ready to go explore I release them. I don't remember my parents playing with us often (I was #2 of 6 in our household) but we had a BLAST growing up. We were always outside or in the basement building forts and crashing cars and stuff.

I let mine figure disagreements out between themselves for the most part. It's a valuable life skill to be able to compromise and think creatively when you don't agree. If there aren't [real] tears I don't go in -- unless I'm just o.v.e.r. the fighting for the day.

I think you are doing just fine. Find a hobby that you can do with interruptions and give take some time to create a space that they can learn to really enjoy! Way to go mama on recognizing that you need some time as well.

ETA: Oh, we do crafts often but not very complicated ones (since they really can't sit still very long) and then they are back to playing. We also read together and color sometimes or play card games. Most everything else is free play where they get to make up the rules/boundaries/time limits...
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