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Re: Everything leaking at night!

Originally Posted by kirst View Post
I used to be able to make this work, but then my LO started getting bad rashes and I think Trenna's son is prone to rashes too, so just watch out for that.
Yep. It adds heat. Thats why I said some do not do it. My daughter leaks in sposies and pockets and we change her between 11 and 12 and she wakes at 5 or 6. My kids have both been heavy wetters and both have enormous liquid intakes . I have tried everything. With DS we got to the point we were putting a dancing bears soaker (very heavy weight bulky fleece) over a disposable at night. With DD we usually only use the soaker for the long stretch but I am going to start trying the bamboo flats in her pockets and see how they do...I would love to ditch the soakers bc I am not a wool fan to begin with. I do live in florida, so Im not having to put thick jammies over the soaker, which does help..she is not prone to rashes.
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