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Originally Posted by themaelane
Does she have an intolerance or allergy, or do you not know? I know little about intolerances, but if they are allergic to milk protein (my DD is) then NO, she cannot drink raw milk.

There are many benefits to organic raw milk, but an allergy to the milk protein is not gonna be fixed by that. I'd recommend you look them up if you are interested, or ask other mommas as I know little about raw milk.

Your advice is correct - they don't need milk if they can get those nutrients from other sources. You just need to pay attention to her diet to be sure she's getting all those nutrients, just as you need to be sure she's getting enough fiber or whatever. I also add a multivitamin just to be sure. They have gummy ones once she gets a little older that my DD loves.

My DD does not drink any milk. The allergist recommended against goat's milk for her (I think b/c if you can't handle cow's milk you often can't do goat's?) and she won't drink almond/coconut milk. And I try to avoid soy, its in so much. She drinks mostly water and I feel she's getting plenty of what she needs, even if we go without a vitamin.

Is she still putting on weight? There's a lot of ways to pack in healthy calories, like avocados, nut butters, etc. There's a lot of threads on here about that, or post asking about that.
Yes! If you can't do cows milk, you can't do goats milk. The proteins are the same. You need to try a different milk: almond, coconut, rice if there's a nut allergy.

I know nothing about raw milk and proteins but my dd hives up at milk so it's not even worth the risk for us to try it. But yes it does look like a milk allergy, my kids faces get like that when I eat dairy while bfing. Their reactions are much worse when they ingest it. The throwing up and spitting up also makes me think allergy.
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