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Re: SAHPs: How much do you play with your kids?

I try to give them 15 min. a day of quality one on one interaction. Try, not always successful. Those activities include impromptu dance party, helping me make food, reading a few books etc. But otherwise they free play. I try not to get involved unless they need help or direction like doing an art project, painting etc. I sit directly next to my DD when coloring and doing play-doh because she is prone to stick things in her mouth.

I go about my day and incorporate them into it. If I need to wash the dishes, fold laundry etc. then I do and they tag along and/or help. My 6 year old is able to fold and put clothes away, dust, put away dishes. They fight a lot. Either they are best friends or bitter enemies. I let them handle it. Hitting or hurting each other is not acceptable and I get involved but if it's over a toy or someone said someone else was not the boss of them, I'm sorry I just don't have the energy to manage that.
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