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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Originally Posted by croark View Post
Welcome Michelle! Yeah, destruct o babies have a tendency to interrupt the school day. Alot. I'm sure that's helping u with staying perpetually behind ;-)
Btw, you have a nice ecclectic mix of curric there. How long have you been HSing?

Yesterday was crazy busy for us but we finished all school work. Today we hardly have anything to do so it's mainly house cleaning day and then we're going to pick up a lil girl to spend the night for the first time. She recently started going to our church and come to find out she is homeschooled! We are really excited because, til now, we haven't had any local HS friends. My oldest dd has been praying for a bff so we're hoping that she might be an answer. She's two years younger than my dd but she's a highly advanced lil girl. In 1st grade she was 4th grade level. Which is why she is now HSed. Even socially she seems very mature. Anyway, I'm rambling! We are just excited. I'm sure most of you know that friendships are totally possible for a HS family but it does require more effort than the general PS family. And it's really nice to see God answer a lil girl's simple prayer for a friend.
Thanks for the welcome! Yes, between destruct-o-baby and the holidays, sickness and LIFE, we just stay "behind". Oh well, the joy of homeschooling!!
We have always homeschooled. We started with MUS and My Father's World for my DD in 1st grade (kindergarten was just's and 123's, with MUS Primer and Explode the Code). Last year she did Abeka and MUS, while my DS did MUS and My Fathers World. This is our first year of "ecclectic" and I love it!
Yay for getting all the school work done. Hope you were able to get your cleaning done, and I hope the sleepover goes well. That's so exciting!! I hope the friendship blossoms.

Originally Posted by Britches~in~Stitches View Post
We had our first good day yesterday. There was still chaos, and attitude, but dd finished all of her MBtP. We're not doing the phonics or math this week until she gets used to the science, ss, and LA. Now that we have more projects, and books, things are going smoother. Here's to hoping it keeps getting smoother.

That's awesome croark! We're a part of a hs ballet class locally, and dd was able to invite a friend for her bday for the first time. It really made her, and the other little girl feel better about themselves, and hs. Friends make everything a little nicer, right?
Yay for a good day!

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
As for us...We got in most of our homeschooling yesterday before my Mom came over to play with the kids. We've also got in quite a bit today, although we haven't done reading. I think we are taking a break from regular reading stuff today and read a few books and maybe review some. It seems like if we do too many days of regular reading in a row they start getting their reading rules confused. I am looking forward to Keegan's appointment next Thursday so I can find out some more stuff and hopefully get something new to work on. We also crossed the 600 hour mark this week, so I am excited about that!
600 hours of school for this year?
That's so nice that so many of your church family are homeschoolers/Christian private schoolers.
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