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Re: Everything leaking at night!

Originally Posted by MothyrGrimm View Post
A heavy wetting tummy sleeper 15 months around 28 pounds and this has been working for a week now: a OS BG pocket stuffed with a hemp insert and a bamboo insert both wrapped inside of a prefold.
I'm sure this is super bulky (but hey, if it works, it works!), and I'm curious if you have dedicated nighttime BG OS pockets? I've considered trying mine for overnights, but I feel like I'd completely stretch them out by stuffing them with that much fluff. I don't want to render mine useless for regular daytime use.

Right now I use a Flip organic wrapped around a newborn BG MF insert inside a PUL cover Flip, Thirsties Duo Wrap, or Econobum but I'd love to have something stay-dry against DS's skin.
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