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Originally Posted by carolyndavis View Post

I'm sure this is super bulky (but hey, if it works, it works!), and I'm curious if you have dedicated nighttime BG OS pockets? I've considered trying mine for overnights, but I feel like I'd completely stretch them out by stuffing them with that much fluff. I don't want to render mine useless for regular daytime use.

Right now I use a Flip organic wrapped around a newborn BG MF insert inside a PUL cover – Flip, Thirsties Duo Wrap, or Econobum – but I'd love to have something stay-dry against DS's skin.
Here's a pic of him sleeping right now:

It's a big butt, but I haven't had any issues with hurting them for daytime use. As long as there aren't gaps in the legs I don't worry about it. In all fairness though ds is 100th percentile for his age so he fills them out really well too...

I'd try hemp inside instead of the microfiber. Micro just doesn't work like natural fibers, and it loses absorbency with age.
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