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Would you give up?

Tonight's incident:
We were in the process of driving home at approximately 7:00pm. I was having a nice conversation with X-Man about going home and seeing Ron. He said can we play for a while. I said "we will see" At no point during the proceeding time did X-Man ever act in an angry manner or seem upset. Nothing happened to my knowledge to upset him.

While in route Grant began to cry and scream. X-Man stated that Little-Man was pinching Grant. (This happens often in the car and X-Man always says its Little-Man. To this point I believed that to be true.) I kept saying "its okay Grant, Little-Man No pinch we do nice touch" Things seemed to calm down. At this point I took a phone call with my mom. I told her Little-Man was pinching Grant and I didn't know how to make him stop. She suggested gloves. At this point Grant begins to scream again much louder he is crying saying "MOMMY MOMMY" I said "what is going on?" X-Man stated the Little-Man was pinching Grant again. I told my mom I had to go and I again stated "Its okay Grant, Little-man No Pinch, We do Nice touch" I also stated "Grant we will stop at the gas station and I will get Little-Man to stop." As we got closer to the station Grant became more and more distraught and upset screaming louder and louder for me. I got out and rushed around the truck to stop Little-Man but he was fast asleep. Little-Man was sleeping the entire time. I went over to X-Man side of the truck and asked "Did you pinch Grant" and before he could answer I told him "If you lie you will be in more trouble" He immediately shook his head yes. I told him "I am so mad at you right now. When we get home you are going straight to bed" I also told him "Does Grant ever pinch you or hurt you?" He shook his head no. I said "than why did you do that to him" at this point he would not answer and I shut the door and drove home. When we got home I put him straight to bed.


I also realized that Little-Man face looks much like Grants. (We thought the marks were from dry skin on his face) I have suspicion that X-Man pinched him too but I have not asked X-Man. This morning X-Man woke up first and shortly after Little-Man woke up crying. It is my suspicion that X-Man may have done the same thing to Little-Man this morning to make him get up as Little-Man is usually unwilling to get up at 6-7am the way X-Man does.

The most disturbing thing about X-Mans behavior is he shows NO signs of remorse. He dose not show any signs of caring about anyone elses feelings in any way that I can tell. .......
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