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Originally Posted by carolyndavis View Post
I love that you took a real-time pic of him sleeping!! (Mine is all bundled up in a fleece sleeper and a sleep sack, so this wouldn't even work for me.)

I have a Hemp Babies flat (?) that I got as a hand-me-down, and I've been meaning to try it as a doubler for the Flip Organic, but I haven't done it yet. DS isn't a terribly heavy wetter, so he usually does fine with our current arrangement, except, like I said, I've been wanting him to have stay-dry against his skin, since he's been sleeping about 11 hours at night without a change.

Also, my DS is in the 3rd percentile for weight, so we tend to get frequent gapping at the legs – another reason I'm scared to stretch out my pockets! He's a shrimpy little guy.
Aw cute little legs! DS's are actually slim now compared to when he was a squish. Lol I'm glad someone likes that I take pics non stop too haha it's just quicker to show imo.

I'm not too sure which are best for skinny legs... Maybe Fuzibunz since they have the adjustable elastic??? But I would definitely try the Hemp Babies flat and see how that works. Our set up is usually good for about 12-13 hours since DS really loves his sleep.
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