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Re: 18 mo. spacing and any truth to increasing chance for gender?

I am pretty happy with our spacing (or lack thereof lol) Once we got into a good groove things have worked out quite well. DS 1 and DD have a lot in common because they're close in age, they play well together (most of the time) I hope they will always be this close and now the baby is getting to an age where he can sit on the floor and play with them, so again, I'm pretty happy with our spacing. It hasn't always been roses, and we've had some struggles where I've wanted to pull my hair out, but parenting isn't always roses.

I will say that we have the ONLY girl born into my husbands family in over 50 years, they pride themselves on saying they "don't make girls" so we were pretty shocked to say the least. We were a bit less than 18 months in spacing though

I'm not sure when I ovulated (it was not a planned pregnancy) or what we did differently to get a girl after 50 years of boys. Someone said to me the other day that maybe it was the position we used or maybe we DTD under a full moon Still no girls but Eden in the family.
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