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Re: If you consider yourself to be "minimalist" there anything you do stockpile?

I keep a stock of giftbags/wrap/cards so I guess that could be considered stockpiling.

I 'stockpile' handed down clothes. Each child has a fairly large storage bag of clothes in larger sizes as they are given to us and we are too thrifty to not keep and use them, plus with so many kids they all get used by someone. It does annoy me but it saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars so worth it.

I stockpile wipes and sposies if/when I can afford it and they are on sale. Both boys are in the large sizes now so they wont outgrow them really and I hate thinking I could run out and we not have the money to buy more.

I also stockpile food but this is just recent. After going through a tight patch I think I have anxiety about not having the money for it so I stock up on canned goods, cereals, anything that we will definately use but wont expire.
Also toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, cleaning products etc.
I have a decent size (not huge) pantry and manage to fit it all in there with some really neat organisation and stacking.
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