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Originally Posted by LittleThingsMama638

Yes! If you can't do cows milk, you can't do goats milk. The proteins are the same. You need to try a different milk: almond, coconut, rice if there's a nut allergy.

I know nothing about raw milk and proteins but my dd hives up at milk so it's not even worth the risk for us to try it. But yes it does look like a milk allergy, my kids faces get like that when I eat dairy while bfing. Their reactions are much worse when they ingest it. The throwing up and spitting up also makes me think allergy.
Interesting. She definitely does better with the goats milk. Although, she doesn't spit up cows milk...only when I breastfed. My understanding is the goats milk protein curds smaller and that's why some babies do better with it.

I'll talk to the dr about other milks. I think I'd at least like to see how she does with other milks...that might tell me if the goats milk is bothering her at all. I may try raw cows milk too. That's interesting about how pasteurization can change the reaction.

Thanks mommas!
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