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I love our CSA! It challenges us to eat more fresh, in season veggies and makes me get a little more variety in my cooking. I'm not sure how much money it actually saves us, though. I'm guessing not much.
I don't know how much prepackaged/snack food you buy, but that stuff can quickly add up, and isn't very good for you anyway. Things like homemade granola bars, muffins, fruit, cheese, oatmeal (non-instant), plain whole milk yogurt with fruit/vanilla/etc make easy healthy snacks. Breakfast cereal can be another big expense.
Since meat is one of the most expensive parts of our grocery bill, I don't cook it every day. Instead I like to have a couple meals a week that are cheap, for example eggs, soup (good for using up leftovers), or beans. Dried beans are especially cheap. And don't forget to use up those leftovers... A little leftover meat can easily be stretched and made into a meal the next night.
All of that said, my grocery bill is still usually higher than I'd like it to be. The price of food just keeps on rising, and as I get more nutrition conscious I find it hard not to spring for things like raw honey, local meat, eggs from the farmers market and other stuff like that.

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