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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

Our daughter will be 8 in August and she has her own Blackberry Playbook, got it for Christmas from her grandfather our 6 year old son got one too, she also has an Ipod touch and a Nintendo DS.

Other than that she likes to dress in dresses but mostly like clothes from Aeropostale and American Eagle. My sister, only sibling, her aunt is 18 so she likes to dress like her. She looks up to her aunt and my sister is actually a pretty good role model.

She has a "boyfriend" they have been in school together since Kindergarten, but they don't date or kiss etc. It's more of a "I call him my boyfriend" they have been saying they are going to get married since Kindy. It's rather sweet and his parents also think so, he's VERY protective of her and since she has special needs (Epilepsy & Global Developmental Delay) it's kind of nice that she has someone to stick up for her.

She does not have a cell phone and will not be getting one until she is at least 14.

While she has I guess what some would consider a lot of tech toys she regularly plays with TMNT, Lego's, reads like Crazy, listens to music, plays outside, loves crafts and we bake together all the time. She also plays soccer and lacrosse.

She's still very much a kid and i wouldn't consider her to be growing up too quickly just because she has some technology available to her. BUT we are also biased since we live in the city where RIM was founded.
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