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Bottle feeding to cure thrush?

Has anyone bottle fed and let thrush cure itself on its own?

We've got thrush. Ds isn't the best nurser anyway because he's hypotonic, but the thrush is making it much worse. Dh and I were talking about how to get me meds (never had any luck with gentian violet and dh says it doesn't work) since the Pharmacy is closed today, and he doesn't think urgent care will prescribe anything since ds doesn't have white spots in his mouth. We have no "in" with urgent care since dh works at a different hospital. He can get another Ped to give us the prescription, but we'd have to wait until Monday when the Pharmacy opens. We have to use a specific pharmacy.

So, dh was being a bit snotty, but he did say that ds does have an immune system and will cure thrush on his own. He gave me the "it's not like 100 years ago you two would have died of thrush" line. But it got me thinking. I have an OTC cream I can use for me. If I pump and bottle feed, maybe I could just wait for his body to get rid of it on its own. It might work better if we aren't passing it back and forth. Anyone do this?
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