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My advice is exactly what I am doing. I started seeing my counselor once a week again. I've been seeing her since November when I hit 10 weeks. I am very glad that I did this. I am already feeling very disconnected from my baby, so she is helping me through this right now.

I'm definitely looking into placenta encapsulation. I am about 99% sure that I will get PPD this time as well. I had it terribly with my daughter. I was 19 and a single mother when she was born. I was also so determined that breastfeeding was going to work, so I didn't know how to handle the hard part of breastfeeding. It was supposed to be easy and natural, right?

Wrong. I felt like such a failure when I started supplementing, then eventually doing both breast and formula feedings. My failure led to some bad depression and there were days I felt like leaving because she deserved better than me. On the outside, I was happy. On the inside, I wanted to give up. I told my OB and he referred me to a counselor and she helped me so much then. In hindsight, I wish I had tried medicine, but I didn't.

I know there were more factors to my PPD, but my biggest contributor was my failure to breastfeed as long as I wanted.
Can you try to pinpoint anything that may have made things worse? I am already preparing my breastfeeding kit, just in case.
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