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Re: Day 18 of no poop and starting to get antsy

Originally Posted by KLeeCW View Post
Still no poop, 20 days. Ridiculous. I was kind of hoping that just making the pedi appt would be enough to make her poop, no such luck. They checked DD's stomach. It's not distended or bloated or hard. She didn't react as if in pain to any of the touching on her stomach. She is passing tons of gas, so if there is a blockage it isn't total. She is otherwise healthy, happy, and still growing right on her 50% curve (though I suspect there's a pound of poop in her belly). Her coloring is fine, muscle tone is fine, no fever. Just no poop.
My son's longest stretch was 16 days around that age. It seemed like forever, but just like your ped, ours wasn't concerned. We did the vaseline covered q-tip up the butt, which did nothing. I still think her poop will come. Not all babies need to poop every week. But yeah, three weeks is a long time! I think our doctor also suggested the corn syrup - we just waited it out - but that is probably worth a try at this point. Would be better than needless GI exploration.
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