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Thanks everyone. I found out a little more about the program. Basically, he's going to be assessed for red flags and if there are enough of them, he'll qualify for a school program 25 hours a week. This is supposed to happen soon. I also filled out a sensory profile and have an OT coming next week. After filling that out, I really see a lot of sensory issues with my son.

We just changed insurance so I am waiting on a card. As soon as I get the card, I'm going to the ped. to ask for a referral to the closest place that can diagnose (an hour away). My daughter is currently going through the diagnosis progress. It took 6 months to meet with a developmental ped. and 9 months to meet with a psychologist. She has the psych. appointment on Feb. 1st and we should leave with a diagnosis if there is one.
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