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Re: Bottle feeding to cure thrush?

He does take a bottle. He was born premature, so we go back and forth with bottles and breast because of his weak nursing. Some days he seems to do better than others. I thought we were off the bottles finally since he went a week without one, but he had a rough few days, so we've been using a bottle when he isn't feeding well. I really don't want him admitted for not gaining enough weight. He was really feeding badly last night, even with a bottle, and his night diaper wasn't very wet this morning. He won't take his pacifier (it's good for preemies, it helps strengthen their suck), and he's been really fussy because he's hungry, but isn't eating well. I think his mouth hurts.

He doesn't have any real obvious signs of thrush, though. He clicks when he's nursing, and he's fussy, but that's about it. I have pain on one side, and a pink nipple on that side, but it's not real obvious on me, either. I know it's not a plugged duct or mastitis (BTDT), and it feels like when I had thrush with #3, but then I had itchy breasts and that needle pain feeling when feeding and this is a bit different. So I'm scratching my head a bit. Dh says with common things being common, it's probably thrush.
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