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Re: If you consider yourself to be "minimalist" there anything you do stockpile?

Originally Posted by mamamarisa View Post
personally i think sposies are the worst thing to stockpile. I used sposies a good majority of ds's diapering time and when he sized up it was always unpredictable and we wouldnt realize until the beginging of a new box, and sposies cant be returned or exchanged anywhere near us so selling an open box on cl is super hard. Also he PLed before we thought he would so we sold several boxes(the enormous ones) on craigslist for less than half of retail bc thats all we could get. You should stockpile wipes, they dont get outgrown and can be used for miltiple purposes. I stockpile bathroom products as we always have issues w running out. Shampoo, tp, etc. I dont consider myself 100% minimalist but hate clutter and have very few "things"
Honestly this thread gave me the realization that the current setup of buying a case of disposables and having to store it drives me nuts. I do worry he will suddenly outgrow them, but 7th generation is the only brand he tolerates and I can't afford to buy them locally. Anyway, my amazing mama decided to buy my little guy the stash of cloth (he gets terrible hives and eczema from PUL) that will work for him! She was totally open to buying a whole big stash of nice stuff, and while it was tempting for brief moment - I went with simple. 24 GMD workhorse fitteds, 5 soft wool soakers, a stack of wipes and a hanging wetbag. Minimalist but functional.

It is amazing that his new stash will fit in a small basket and fit until PLing vs storing box after box of disposables. :-)

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