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Re: Extended Breastfeeding

Originally Posted by ofthemoonsglow View Post
My dh was weird about it when i mentioned it when my dd was a few months old. I just didnt bring it up. After she was 1 I just kept nursing her and he realized shes still so little at 1 and she was not ready to wean. Shes 18 months now and dh has mentioned weaning at 2. But im going to do the same thing and just ignore it. Shell self wean eventially.
Yeap! This is kind of the situation at our house. My baby girl is 18mo and my husband (and his family) have asked many times about when she will wean. Even my pediatrician mentioned that the baby would wean at 1 year. I was a little stressed out about it and almost wanting to wean after a year but she loves the breast so much, and it's so easy to breastfeed instead of washing/packing sippy cups! I offer her milk sippys but she doesn't want them usually. As for my husband, he gets a little cracked up now at her lunging at my breast, the toddler grins and squeals when she's about to nurse, and I just look at him and say "how can I take this away when she loves it so much?" He doesn't exactly agree, and sometimes makes comments about how "that's why it would be easier, or she needs a sippy," which I ignore or even casually agree with, (haha), but when baby and mommy want it, who's to argue? And, for the record, she'll wean when she wants to. It's my gift to her.

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