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Breastfeeding other's children

I have some weird desire to breastfeed other people's children. I won't have another of my own. I have breastfed my 16yo for her first 7 mo and now my 18 mo old currently. When I hold a friend's baby and it gets upset, I want to give it my breast. It's almost a reaction and I have to remember it's not appropriate. When I was on vacation and miserably pumping, I was dying for a child to nurse. Anybody's! Sometimes I think about a daycare where I could breastfeed the children like a milk maid. Note: I am never going to do this because the truth is, I like a glass of wine and look forward to not having to worry about timing. However, why do I have this nurturing feeling toward other children? I want every cry to be comforted with a boob. Is it just me? Has anyone else experienced wanting to breastfeed other children?

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