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Originally Posted by momneedssupport
Im not starting to get excited. Im not....not excited, but i just know how rough it will be for all of us and i dread tge first 8w pp with newbie and add two fighting preschoolers to that.......ugh.
Im also nervous about a homebirth. Handling the pain, mostly. Buying a bigger car, too. Im not excited about that stuff.
I understand.

I'm excited about this baby, but mostly I just want to be done worrying about DD's childcare during labor. That is what I'm fixated on.

The baby part seems sorta off in the peripheral.

Am tired of not being home and we have another week of being away. DH still thinks its funny to say he's gonna leave me here so I can have the baby in Texas. It's hard not to sound insulting to my family when he says that in front of them. Yes, having family around is awesome. But being in my home is better.

Sorry... I like my home, my bed, my groceries, my life. But everyone else seems to think that if DH is gone for even 6 weeks, I should prefer to live in someone else's house and rearrange my life to fit their schedule.

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