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Re: January Chat for Feb Mamas

I totally missed this thread I thought everyone had run away to Facebook. I am 36 weeks today and have been having weekly appt with NST and BPP. This practice is new for this final pregnancy. I was bummed that my favorite midwife has gone on leave though I had a growth untrasound at 33w4d and baby was measuring 6 1/2lb which was probably accurate as my last baby was 9lb 10oz at 39w2d. I imagine he is around 8lbs now. Everything looks great and I am trying to enjoy feeling his squirming and the miracle of being pregnant since this is my last biological child(DH already had his V) I have never had spontaneous labor before my due date so I have no concern of that happening even though I was 2cm and 50% at my appointment Thursday. I am usually 5cm by 38 weeks or so and have VERY fast labors. I had my swab for GBS this week and hope it is negative because I would never have time to get all of the antibiotics even with an induction for #3 and GBS+ I didn't get enough and they held us hostage at the hospital for observation I hate the hospital with a burning intensity and need to get me and the squish out as fast as possible. I am praying for 24 hours. I have tried to AMA a baby in the past and they will call the police and CPS.

I am contracting away as I type which is normal for me. Prodromal labor=Precipitus birth

I am feeling pretty ready as far as clothes, diapers, carseat type stuff and just excited to meet this little guy and see what our toddler thinks of him.
Just in case.

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