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Hospital bags are packed, carseat ready to go (had been for a bit), and now the cleaning and major burst of energy had kicked in. Now I'm waiting for MIL to come home so I can ask her if hubby and I can move into the mini master suite before baby comes (and hopefully she says yes and we can start cleaning out that room and deep clean it), so hubby can move stuff ASAP. I she says yes without reservation. I figure I just need to ask since hubby won't worse she can say is "no" and if that's the case hubby will for sure be the one to bring it up to her since I don't want visitors for a weekend with a new baby and no way to "discreetly" deal with that fun PP mama stuff (the nearest bathroom to our current room is down the hall/2 rooms away), not attached like the mini master.

I'm anxious for my Appt on Tuesday since I'll find out my GBS results (I was negative with my previous two) but since my last labor was fast there would be no way to get all antibiotics in time if I was + this time. Then I have a prenatal with my doula.

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