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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by mama2jack View Post
I am really suprised at the number of people pushing the "a calorie is a calorie" line of thinking. Yes, if you look at it from only a numbers on the scale issue then sure you can get away with that kind of thinking. But bioligcally our bodies need the macro and micronutrients that are in unadulterated non-processed foods. When we fill our bodies with foods that have a nutritional deficit we don't get what we need and our body signals us to eat again. That is how we have ended up with so many overweight and obese people that while heavy are actually malnurished. Even if we put aside the addictive components and additives that so many processed foods have (sugar, msg, ect) there is still a base need in our body that is not being met so we eat again, and again trying to fill that void. Processed foods however can't fill that void.
There is a HUGE difference in how our body absorbs and assimilates calories from high quality foods and junk foods.
To the bolded, for my point regarding calories it was directed solely at the notion that one can't lose, or can even gain weight despite burning more than they consume. Not everyone burns calories with equal efficiency, and for the most part, all the calorie counters/charts in the world are guesses. Overweight/obese people generally will not have healthy, efficient metabolisms. Not to mention the type of diet one eats and the type of exercise they do can help contribute to a more efficient burning of fat while preserving muscle. I completely agree with you regarding the nutrient components of food in regards to the big picture.

It is much harder to become obese by overeating on a truly healthy, balanced, nutritious diet because, barring a severe medical issue, your body won't be constantly signaling for more food.
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