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Re: Phil & Ted strollers- do you have one?


We have had ours for 7 years and I can't imagine living without it. Honestly it's held up INCREDIBLY well for being in basic constant use. When our middle child was born we didn't have an infant car seat instead we bought the cocoon and used that to take him in and out of the stroller and car. It was winter. He even slept in the cocoon in the playyard and crib.

We have never had a problem with toddlers not wanting to use the jump seat infact our 2 older kids would fight over it. They are only 15 months apart.

We have had the Graco with our first, HATED IT, then decided to just splurge and get the E3 when we were expecting #2.

Since #3 was born at 26 weeks we thought we needed a different stroller since he was so small so we bought the Hauck Malibu. We used the bassinet and stand for the first 2 months when he finally came home at 4 months old, but I honestly don't like the stroller as much. It's our car stroller right now, stays in the van for our emergency needs, otherwise I use the phil & teds as a single. It's AMAZING and I'm so glad we kept it.

It's so easy to take apart, folds up easily, super easy to clean, incredible to push. I LOVE having the real tires and we have only recently had to get new tubes for it for the first time in 7 years.

HIGHLY recommend it.
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