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Re: Talk me out of selling everything...

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
My rule of thumb is that unless I would get a significant amount of money to sell it, I donate it. It just takes too much time otherwise, when you factor in taking pix, writing descriptions, answering emails and calls, no-shows and people who come and then try to haggle your firm price. So like the fairy house, I would do, but clothes and toys, no. Books...IDK if they'd be worth it unless you could sell a big lot of them, KWIM?

As for fabric, crafts, etc...pretty much any public school art program would love to have it. I gave away two whole shopping bags of yarn and fabric to a underfunded school last year in the spring, when they always run out of supplies, and they were so grateful.
Bolding mine. I totally agree. We drastically downsized last year when we moved and we sold some of the furniture and a few higher priced kids items. The majority of it though would have taken awhile to get sold (even at low prices) so we picked out a few items that we offered to family and friends that we knew needed said item. We told them it was totally okay to say no if they didn't want it so we weren't cluttering up their house. About half the offered items went home, the other half went in the donate pile. The rest went in truckload and after truckload to Goodwill. We are likely moving again this summer and I will probably do the same thing again. We will sell furniture, etc. we think will move quickly on CL for a little extra cash, but anything else that won't fit in our new place will get donated.

Seriously, the feeling after dropping off a truckload of stuff at Goodwill and driving away - it is PRICELESS! If you have high ticket items and need the money, then yeah sell them. Otherwise offer *specific* items to family and friends (don't just let them take all your junk lol, that doesn't help them either) and just donate the rest. I know some people are really into selling every last item they purge on CL or ebay, etc. I just could never do that because it would totally stall the process. I need to remove the items from my house NOW when I decide they go.

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