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Tips for getting 2 yo to pull down pants at potty time?

My baby learned to potty rather quickly, but he cannot get his pants down by himself. I am trying to reinforce the "tell Mommy" thing, but I find him in the bathroom peeing in front of the potty because he can't get them down. I've tried keeping him with me and I can, but dishes, cleaning, life etc happens. Not to mention he goes to a home day care while I work three days a week. I'm not certain how much DCP will mind him needing assistance since he is going almost every hour.
He is 2 y 2 months. I think it is a combo of new undies, wide hips, weak hands.
He is in a 4t undie. I wouldn't mind going up, or making or buying some more undies etc if anyone thinks it will help. Or is this just the way it is for a while?
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