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Rediculous period cramps need advice

i have never had a regular period, got my first at 10 or 11 years old and averaged 3-6 a year, they were always heavy and lasted 7-10 days. when i got preg with ds i didnt spot or anything, when i had him i was bleeding more than usual and having severe cramps so they recommended birth control. Started with the pill and was still ovulating so they put me on a second to boost it, still ovulating so they put me on depo provera and i bled for 10 straight months, started a pill with it no period since but even worse cramping, crippling pain, gained a ton of weight, and moody. And i started lactating with it, i didnt lactate at all when i had my son. So i took myself off it all in september to hopefully solve everything and i havent had a period still and get cramps and still lactate, my cramps are getting worse and the only problem solved is my weight has gone down a bit. By cramping, i mean not just once a month but on a daily basis, its been constant cramps since the birth of ds. Whats the deal?
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