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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

I think it is partly the governments fault. The FDA needs to do it's job and regulate our food. They need to get HFCS and all this other additives, many of which are banned in other nations because of how wretched they are. They need to stop allowing GMOs (most other nations at the very least label the garbage) they need to stop allowing pink slime in our ground beef.

Instead they're in the pockets of the Big Beef industry that wants to make the most product they can, as cheaply as they can so they allow pink slime. They're in the pockets of King Corn so they allow HFCS....not only that but King Corn is allowed to put out commercials LYING the public about how your body can't tell a difference between cane sugar and 'corn sugar' (to that end they can label it 'corn sugar' since HFCS got such a bad rep. All these organizations that get a bad rep in the news are still in our food they've just managed to petition to get a new name so no one knows it's HFCS or GMOs or God only knows what.

You can't even go to the store and buy a dang apple without knowing if it's REALLY an apple or if it's some genetically modified science experiment.

And Yes, education does play a HUGE role and we need to educate people. My goodness, just a few months ago there was a crap storm in the media because *gasp* organic carrots aren't healthier than conventional carrots. Well no duh. But this was upsetting to some people! They honestly believed that an organic carrot somehow contained more nutrients or something than a conventional carrot!

And every 15 minutes on TV I see a V8 commercial 'should've had a V8' because it's so much easier to drink this concoction of who knows what than eat a dang serving of broccoli. Showing grown ADULTS being all whiney and childlike about eating vegetables or fruits. I mean, really? What kind of message does that send to children? "Vegetables are gross. Drink this yummy mixture that doesn't even taste like vegetables because we've added so much freaking I mean HFCS."

Or commercials for pedialite drinks "My child refuses to eat broccoli so I give her this sugar filled crap drink so ensure she's getting the nutrients she needs." Um, no, make your kid eat freaking broccoli, it's not that hard. My kids LOVE broccoli and I don't even melt some yellow substance posing as cheese product all over it. I steam it, they eat it and love it.
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