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Re: Those of you who've used 'no-cry' sleep solution (Pantley)

I agree with the pp, I wouldn't try to sleep train at all until after 6 months, and most of those methods work best 9-12 months. All of mine started sleeping through the night between 12-18 months.

There is so much that changes in the first year in regards to sleep and development, that even if you implement these things successfully, there is a great chance you will have to do it again in a few weeks...and again...and again...until they are close to a year.

When we were weaning off nursing to sleep we would start by limiting the time, until it was only a minute, the started working on just rocking them to be enough, or rubbing their back or some sort of physical contact. But it was sloooow. I don't think this method is an overnight thing, but it works! We went from 6 month olds who had to nurse to sleep and woke several times a night only going back to sleep with nursing, to 3 kids who get excited about bed, go right to sleep and never had any more waking issues in the middle of the night.
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