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Re: Teen cloth pad set...

Originally Posted by NooneeWilga View Post
Cups come in different sizes. The manufacturers would generally recommend the smaller size for teens. However I think that using a cup requires a fair bit of comfort with your body that most early teens haven't got yet. And it would be a very rare preteen that I would recommend a cup for.
My thoughts as well. Honestly I can't even imagine how a virgin grown woman would use one. But then I always could only manage those tampons that had the most posh and smooth applicators and still often inserted them at the wrong and painful angle. There have also been a number of threads here where woman (who are very comfortable with their bodies and accustomed to their periods) talked about how messy these could be to empty and how knowing when they are full can take some getting used to. So for a teen with a heavy period, especially one in public school, I wouldn't personally be considering it.
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