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SOLD 13 Fishnoodles/Bright Star Baby's for $50ppd...well loved

All sold

I have 14 13 medium/size 1 Fishnoodle/BSB that are in very used condition. They have varying degrees of staining and holes in the inner fabrics &/or doublers. All of the elastic, PUL and snaps are good (there are a couple of the diapers that have a "stubborn" snap or two, but they all function). 3 of the diapers no longer have an insert (they were past saving).

I have gotten a lot of great use out of these diapers, but I believe they still have some life in them.

1 light pink with white snaps is sold

Here is a representative for the ones I feel are in the best condition

And these 2 are probably the worst

I would really like to sell them as a lot for $50ppd (broken down to be $4.50 each for the 10 with soakers and about $1.67 a piece for the 3 without). Since this is such a cheap price I cannot split this lot up. I also cannot send pictures of every diaper. The worst and best are represented above and all the others fall in between.

The soakers of some of these are the worst thing about these diapers. New soakers can be purchased at Peachy Green for $4.50 each.

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