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Re: Would you give up?

Originally Posted by mmbreb View Post
Today he has slapped both little kids and my DS was sitting on a bench/toybox. (It has a padded lid for sitting) X-Man Pulled the lid out from under DS making him fall and hurt his leg. I watched the whole thing happen! He no longer even cares if I am in the room.

It has gone from 0 to 10 in a hurry.

This child is so handsome and seems so charismatic when you meet him. I think it is going to be hard for the social worker to believe that he has done all of these things.
Take videos.. It's hard to ignore or be in denial if the proof is right there in front of them. It's no longer a he said she said deal if you have actual proof he is doing these things and behaving this way.

Videos/documentation helped a lot for us. People couldn't sit back and say they didn't believe us if they could watch the many clips we took of everything.
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