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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

I do, however, think some food preferences are almost inborn. I hate peas. Hate them. The smell of them cooking turns my stomach and when I'm pregnant I even vomit. I don't eat them in stews or soups or anything I pick it out. I hate them. According to my mother I always have. Ever since I was like 3 months old (or however old I was when she started solids with was the 80s they didn't know better lol). She said I spit it out and refused to eat it. She tried probably thousands of times. I cannot count the number of tears I have shed over 'you're not leaving the table till your plate is clean!' because I had a pile of peas on my plate that I didn't want to eat.

I'm almost 29 years old and to this day I hate peas. Sadly, my kids don't eat them (the aforementioned 'I can't cook them without vomiting into the trash' thing). I hope I'm not depriving them of too much nutritionally. They pretty much every other vegetable under the sun....just not peas. I've tried...I've tried eating them in soups or whatever (at other peoples homes) I just can't do it. I put one in my mouth and instantly my gag reflex acts up. Even if I take a big bite and I accidentally get a pea and I don't realize it....I can taste it and I have to spit it out lol

Oh, or creamed corn. Hate creamed corn with a passion also.
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