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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
I do, however, think some food preferences are almost inborn. I hate peas. Hate them. The smell of them cooking turns my stomach and when I'm pregnant I even vomit. I don't eat them in stews or soups or anything I pick it out. I hate them. According to my mother I always have. Ever since I was like 3 months old (or however old I was when she started solids with was the 80s they didn't know better lol). She said I spit it out and refused to eat it. She tried probably thousands of times. I cannot count the number of tears I have shed over 'you're not leaving the table till your plate is clean!' because I had a pile of peas on my plate that I didn't want to eat.

I'm almost 29 years old and to this day I hate peas. Sadly, my kids don't eat them (the aforementioned 'I can't cook them without vomiting into the trash' thing). I hope I'm not depriving them of too much nutritionally. They pretty much every other vegetable under the sun....just not peas.

Oh, or creamed corn. Hate creamed corn with a passion also.
Yes I think many people, kids and adults, have things they just can't eat. DH can't eat yogurt, it has to do with texture and smell. I can't eat peppers, it does not sit well with my stomach and causes me to have very bad heartburn. My kids each have a food or two that just doesn't sit well with them either.

And I totally agree with creamed corn. Yuck. I can't see it or smell it without feeling sick. Gross.
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