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Why should citizens have to demand that the government stop subsidizing products that trick people into eating junk?

Maybe people don't understand how junk food works and why it's addictive? I'll take one example. Hydrolyzed soy/corn protein. What is it? Aside from being one of those heavily subsidized, mostly gmo products, it's the by-product of oil extraction. Actually, it still has to be processed with sulphuric acid and lye before we can consume it but no matter. So what is it? It taps into our glutamate receptors. It tells our brains that we are consuming something that is good for us (proteins) even if we aren't. Hydrolyzed wheat/corn/soy is not a real food.

As citizens the deck is stacked against us, especially the poor. Food science is stealthy, hitting us completely unaware and exploiting our basic nutritional needs. The government is helping to poison us and they could level the playing field if they stopped subsidizing this crap that labs spin off into processed foods.
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