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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

I agree consumers need to demand it...we try and are ignored.

Like I said...I cannot go into the store and buy an APPLE off the produce shelf and be 100% sure it's a real apple. It very well could be some genetically modified science experiment posing as an apple because the government refuses to even let me know what in the sam hill I'm eating. No, it doesn't stop me from buying apples (or keep my kids from going through 1/2 a peck of apples and a full pound of carrots in 1 day) but it makes me nervous that I'm not even sure if it's an apple I'm feeding them Even if we could afford to buy 100% organic (we can't) still doesn't mean it's a real apple. The government allows something to carry an organic label even if it contains GMOs I buy fruits and veggies at the farmers market from local growers all summer long, but I live in a small town our farmers market goes from May to October. I can't just refrain from buying fresh fruits & veggies the other 6 months of the year...
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