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Originally Posted by DesertRat
MamaNae, I think I love you. I agree with so much of what you've said. Though while it really bothers me that the government subsidises so much crap, I think that if consumers demanded healthier products, companies would be forced to comply. So I put most of the responsibility on parents.

"Baby food" as we know it is a recent phenomenon. Until recently, babies nursed until they were big enough to take bites from mom's place and then transitioned into real food. You look at other countries, for example, where they eat spicy foods and the babies happily eat it. Yet we think we have to start out with Gerber jars and feed our kids those little puffs and other crap that the commercials tell us are good for our babies. It's all about companies making money.!
yeah.... But no.

I agree with your final belief - that baby food is largely unnecessary.

But you can't tell me that moms across centuries and countries haven't been prechewing food for their babies. Because they have. Shoot, even birds do that.

And technically, I believe purees started out of necessity for formula fed babies. Back when formula was 'less complete', babies needed the iron fortified cereals and nutrients from puree'd peas, etc. Technically a breastfed baby has never needed those things. Now, neither formula or breastfed babies need it, but it's engrained into our society. and yes, people make money from it.

I think we need to alter the way we think about feeding our children from the time they are babies, but I don't think feeding a child puree'd foods leads to childhood obesity.

Although the 'white out' movement is legitimate and there is reason to believe the early introduction of unnecessary cereals can be linked to childhood obesity.

The whole thing can't be blamed on any one thing. 30 yrs ago, they started allowing commercials during children's programming. Studies show a huge link between children being marketed to and the obesity epidemic.

There are lots and lots of links. It's a whole big thing and we have to make more than just eating changes, but real lifestyle changes in many areas of life.
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