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Originally Posted by JennTheMomma
But prechewing food doesn't make it into a puree. Purees are all 1 texture, slime, prechewing is just chewed enough for baby. So there is still some texture as well as closer to the real taste than baby food. Pureed baby food bananas do not taste like real bananas, for example.
Technicality, really. Since the post I quoted said babies generally breastfed until they could just take bites off mom's plate. And my point is that moms have traditionally altered the state of food for babies.

I'm a fan of BLW, but I'm not under the impression that it was the normal way pre-Gerber.

Thinking about another post that said organic carrots are not healthier than non-organic carrots, I don't know about that either. We switched to organic carrots and they have the most vibrant, potent juice. It practically stains the fingers while I cut it. There's definitely a difference and I'm sure it potentially adds up to more of something and probably certain nutrients.

But that's neither here nor there. Getting people to eat more carrots would be a success, organic or not.
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