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Originally Posted by MamaNae
And this whole concept of 'kid food'...the media has American parents soooooo duped that kids can't eat anything besides frozen chicken nuggets, boxed mac & cheese and canned spaghetti-os in the shapes of Disney characters. That isn't 'kid food' it's garbage. How many cook books out there are advertised for 'kid friendly meals' why do we need 'kid friendly meals' Can't they just eat food?

Or 'the sneaky chef' hiding fruits and vegetables in kids' food. I adamantly refuse to do that and it pisses me off when people do. If you want your kid to eat squash, freaking serve squash and insist they eat it, don't hide it in the mac & cheese. If you want your kid to eat green beans freaking cook green beans (frozen or fresh, not canned) and serve it. How hard is that? We have a huge serving of various fruits or vegetables with every meal and my kids eat it. Nine times out of 10 they eat the 'sides' (brown rice, vegetables (green beans, carrots, corn, broccoli, squash, etc) and leave the main dish. I'm perfectly okay with this usually LOL

It's even written on my CVV from WIC something about "Sometimes it's hard to get kids to try new fruits or vegetables, keep offering." WTF? Why would it be hard to get a kid to eat fruits & vegetables unless they've been 'ruined' with thinking french fries are a vegetable (here WIC doesn't permit white potatoes)
I truly used to feel this way, but then DS turned 1 and suddenly became the pickiest eater ever. He used to eat anything and everything without complaint (and we did BLW). It's only been recently that he has eaten meat without being coerced to. Vegetables are still lacking.

He would literally not eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner some days. It's awful. After a while I got tired of cooking and throwing everything out.

So, no I don't think you can make a child eat broccoli without forcing it down their throat, and I'm just not willing to take that step.
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