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Re: Help me prepare for Irish twins. I would love any advice you have to offer.

I had an 8 month gap (plus a 2 and 3 y.o.) and then the next year a 12 month gap. Each time though one of the babies was bottle fed--you'll definitely want to plan to not be weaning within ~2 months of the birth. Be sure to have a plan for using gates/play yards/PnP etc BUT don't automatically jump right into using them. We didn't need to at all until Christmas when the then 4 and 2 year olds kept leaving ornaments where the babies could get them so we gated the tree. Other than that it wasn't a big deal keeping the newborn safe from the older infant with either set--just keep an eye same as you would with your older toddler and baby.

You'll need more arms so do start working on sprouting those now. Stroller, baby carrier to suit your lifestyle. Get Daddy caring for baby plenty now so they can pair up when newbie comes, then let daddy and newbie bond right from the start.

Freeze meals. Freeze freeze freeze!!!

Plan before you do anything crazy like, say, sitting down to nurse newborn while infant is happily playing 4 feet away...especially if said infant is not yet mobile! It didn't take long to learn to lift baby onto the couch using one arm and my feet without breaking LO's latch! Just expect silly stuff like that, but otherwise it's just a really sweet fun time, CONGRATS!!!!
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