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It's my bad. I bought some size 4 at the thrift store that worked well for him while playing around with potty. I thought they were like clothes, ya know kids sizes start at 6. I just figured this out during laundry. So I have like 30 pairs of 4T, and few size 4s and one size 6. The 4s that I thought were stretched 4ts and the 6s work ok. So I have been standing on one end of the 4ts and pulling the other to loosen the elastic. It's made a huge improvement, but he is still managing to wet the back somehow.

I'm ok with no undies and commando, but poor guy just freaks out. Idk if it gets cold or feels weird or what, but I'll try more of that later. He still has the day care setting Monday.

I've also been just standing by as he goes now with the stretched undies, so he can practice getting them down.

I just can't figure why/normal for him to go so much? Tonight it has been every 30 minutes or so. Maybe he thinks it is cool? Likes the praise/clapping?

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